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Hi my name is Isabella a lot of my friends call me Izzy and I am a pretty girl aren't I I've always been a pretty girl, from the moment I was born my mama and my aunties doted on me and dressed me in pretty frilly things and I loved it. I feel feminine and I love getting dressed in lace and silk and the sexiest little silk thongs and tiny little bras and stockings and heels I glory in my femininity I am lucky I was born with beautiful blond hair and big brown eyes with long lashes; I have a sweetly curved physique and I revel in the attention of men all men.

And I am indeed a very VERY special girl and if you get a peek inside those pretty sexy panties you'll see my surprise and I bet you won't REALLY be surprised now will you I like to think I am too sexy to be JUST a girl, oh I am so much more than that!

So come and get it honey its a thrill and a ride you won't ever forget; I will tease you and seduce you and bring you to your knees.



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