Strap-ON Bitch Helen

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Strap-On Mistress ready to take you on!


You can call me Mistress, or you can call me BITCH Mistress.

I like modeling this big strap-on for you, walking back and forth with a pair of sexy thigh highs and garters, or pantyhose, and a sexy bra. I like making you squirm, wondering what I'm going to do to you. I may put my spreader bar on you, pull those chains down from the ceiling and tie you up. I may just put the spreader bar on you and throw you on my bed, push your legs up to your chest and take you. You'll be begging me to take you, push my strap-on deep inside you and Fuck You. You want to be my Bitch, don't you? My girlfriends may watch as I sit on your face and humiliate and dominate you. My boyfriend may walk in and join us. I'll have to get to know you to decide what you deserve, if you deserve anything at all. You WILL worship me, and be my submissive sex slave before you get anything from me. I OWN you, I CONTROL you, I am THE MISTRESS. You may look at more of my pictures here, http://www.phonesexstrapon.com. I will put more pics up later, and I may give you permission to look at them, I may not. Memorize my phone number. This is your gateway to being my submissive sex slave.

$2.00 a minute 1-800-509-3075
10 minute minimum / international calls 2.50 per min

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What's hotter than one horny slut? Two sexed up sluts!!! For just $3.50 a minute you can have two of us. Remember baby, you will want to take vitamins because two of us are going to wear you out! We sometimes like to be very naughty and show you off to all of our friends. You can do a 3 girl call with the cream of the crop, and at the beautiful price of just $5.25 a minute. International $4.00 and $6.00 respectively

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