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I'm Ellen your local neighborhood MILF I am that sexy woman who lives next door who likes knowing you peek in her open windows to get a look at that sexy woman's body I like to sunbathe in my back yard topless yeah I know all you guys watch me I like wearing short skirts, skimpy tops and flaunting my body I have always enjoyed the attention of men all men and I like being appreciated for my body parts from my full and still perky breasts to my long legs and that round bouncy ass of mine.

I don't have a monogamous nature and I like my men that way and I like to say I am no threat to any married woman because I like using men for the fun stuff I have no desire for a long meaningful relationship I like being the 'fluff' on the side and I am the woman who is always in the mood, I never have a headache and I do swallow baby I do it all and I will do it all to you and with you.

So come and get your fun that's all I want from a man and I'll do anything it takes to get you hot and horny and lusting for me and I will satisfy your every need."

MILF Mama Ellen .. 1-800-632-9316

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What's hotter than one horny slut? Two sexed up sluts!!! For just $3.50 a minute you can have two of us. Remember baby, you will want to take vitamins because two of us are going to wear you out! We sometimes like to be very naughty and show you off to all of our friends. You can do a 3 girl call with the cream of the crop, and at the beautiful price of just $5.25 a minute. International $4.00 and $6.00 respectively.


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MILF Mama Ellen 1-800-632-9316 Nice round ASS Nice Nips Mama


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