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Cuckold is not just a fantasy. For some, it's a lifestyle! Cuckold Cathy shares real life experiences!

I am Cathy, the cuckolding wife.

I have been married to John for just over 9 years now and most of it we have spent in a cuckold relationship.  I did not get married thinking that is how things would end up, but I do not regret my life either. It has taken some wonderful turns.  
I try to give out helpful and truthful advice. The lifestyle is not always easy but it has it's rewards. Some very sweet rewards at that...mmmm.


The John and Cathy Story

John and I met and dated for well over a year before marrying.  We did not have sex in the beginning of our relationship. I thought it had to do with his up bring in the Church, later I realize it had more to do with John's small cock.  We dated, and John is quite the charmer so needless to say he had me falling for him in no time.   I thought life was great, here was this wonderful guy who was totally devoted to me, showering me with presents, and never seemed bothered by the fact that I was well, less than a virgin.  How could life get any better! It couldn't, but it did change.  John and I finally made love. What a night, and no honey rockets did not go off and I did not feel the earth move. Hell to be honest I did not feel him.  I remember being disappointed when I say his cock. But hey, we are taught that size does not matter, we are taught that if you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all. And that is just what I did, I said nothing and neither did John, at least not at first. That night we attempted to please each other.  I succeeded, John did not. While yes, we did officially have intercourse, believe me, it was a very short experience. That is probably the best thing I can say about that night, it was a very short experience.  John apologized of course and ate my pussy before and after fucking me, which I thought was different. He was the first guy who actually ate my pussy after he had fucked me.  He did an awesome job of taking care of me orally. But still the actually fuck time was as short as his dick(4 1/2 minute and 4 1/2 inches) I have to laugh here because I remember John saying later "hey, I was pacing myself, I wanted to shot when I entered your pussy."  But even though that night was "less than perfect", I had already fallen for John.   I thought I could learn to deal with more oral and less fucking.  Now do you want to know how stupid I am,  I was still fucking Marcus on the side, occasionally.  So why would I think just saying vows would make me not want to be fucked anymore???  I have no clue, I just thought, man, how many chances is a girl like me going to get to meet a guy like John. He does not have a problem with my pass, he adores me. I would be stupid to pass him up.  To make a long story short, we married about 6 months after our "first time".  We only attempted full intercourse about 3 more times before we married, however he ate me out all the time, and he would always give me something afterwards.  An orgasm and a present, I was in Heaven, at least for awhile.   Marcus and I had cooled our jets, he lived out of town and manage to make it back less and less. So things were calm the first couple of months of the marriage. We had a great wedding and a romantic honeymoon. But I must say I still missed "the fuck".     There is a lot more to this story, including the fact that I am John's second wife, which plays key into our lifestyle,  John's arriving home early one day and our big decisions.   If you want to know the rest well then you will have to call.   John and I have been married now for just over 9 years and there have been awesome memories and nights of tears.  I would not give up John for anything but  I do love the humiliation and intimidation that I give him.  We compliment each other, he is submissive and I am dominate. He loves being humiliated and I love humiliating him. Some think I am cruel, John knows it is love.


$2.00 a minute  1-866-279-3754
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For some of  you cuckold is just a fantasy, that is fine. Phone sex between two consenting adults is just fine by me. I can help you to live out and explore your fantasy over the phone.  Just let me know you want to keep it to the fantasy.  I understand this lifestyle is not for everyone to fulfill. Whether you are looking for a girl to play your fantasy or ready to take to the next steps to living the dream, I am the one to call. I can give you the reality that you crave!


 There is no magic words to say that will make your wife cuckold you.  I know that is not what you want to hear but that is the truth. We women are a little more complex than that.  What I can tell you is this, communication is key in any relationship and even more so in a cuckold relationship.  I talk to many guys who want to have the fantasy fulfilled by their wives, but they have never even opened up and shared their fantasy with her.  Tell her your desires, but remember not all women are receptive, especially if you choose the wrong wording.   So if you need advice, call. I will be happy to share.  I not only have my experiences, but also after having done this line for a few years I have lots of others real experiences to share with you on how they got their girlfriends or wives to fulfill this fantasy for them. 

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